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Talking about menstruation is taboo in many communities and access to menstrual hygiene products is a problem faced around the world.
As a result, people are often fearful and unprepared when they start having periods. They miss school and fall behind in their studies. Many drop out.

We began our work in Ethiopia to help girls stay in school by providing the supplies and education they need to manage menstruation. We've since brought our mission home, working to end period poverty in our local community of St. Louis and throughout the U.S. 


Dignity Period. Smiling young woman.

Dignity Period collaborates with many amazing partners in Ethiopia and the U.S. to accomplish our mission.

The Dignity Period mission: To impact period poverty around the globe by improving access to accurate menstrual information and distributing high-quality washable/reusable menstrual hygiene products. We are motivated by the belief that those who menstruate should do so with comfort and in dignity. 

Reusable pad in girl's hands

Every day, Dignity Period helps one more girl stay in school by providing education and materials needed to manage menstruation.

Freweini Mebrahtu dancing with young woman

For under $5, we can change a girl’s life.

Joyful young woman holding kit of Meriam Seba sanitary pads

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