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Back to School

in a pandemic

This is an unsettling time for children everywhere. The coronavirus pandemic is casting clouds of doubt on the quality of education kids all over the world will receive this year. It's threatening to stall the academic progress that so many young people have worked so hard to make.

This threat looms especially large for girls in Ethiopia, who drop out of school at higher rates than their male peers because of the stigma they often face when they get their periods and don't have sanitary supplies.

Dignity Period is working as hard as ever to ensure that even while schools are closed, girls can still receive reusable pads and destigmatizing information about menstruation, so they can focus on school, rather than worrying about their periods.

We need your help during these difficult times.

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Help us reach more girls and young women in Ethiopia, and in St. Louis, where we're distributing reusable pads in low-income communities.

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