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Behind the Scenes with Dignity Period’s Co-Founder, Lewis Wall

You may have read Dignity Period’s origin story and know that Lewis and Helen Wall co-founded the organization with their friends, Mike and Lynn Coatney, after meeting Freweini Mebrahtu in Ethiopia and learning of her inspirational work to keep girls in school through access to menstrual hygiene products.

But have you ever wondered about the Walls’ background and what drove them to support Freweini’s mission in such a big way?

Washington University in St. Louis, MO, where Lewis is a professor of Medical Anthropology, recently recorded an interview with him on his work with Dignity Period. Watch the video for a deeper dive into how Dignity Period was born, and how a lack of menstruation education is impacting the lives of girls and women in Ethiopia.

Dignity Period raises funds for the outreach and menstruation supplies that are giving students the ability to continue their education with confidence and dignity. To support that work, please donate here.


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