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Dignity Period’s commitment to educational equality in Ethiopia profiled in the news

St Louis Magazine profile of Dignity Period

Dr. Lewis Wall, President of the Dignity Period Board of Directors, spoke with St. Louis Magazine about our work in Ethiopia and why menstrual hygiene is a “first-world problem” too.

Read the full article to learn more about:

Ethiopian girls receive menstruation supplies from Dignity Period
Photo by Joni Kabana

· How Lewis and Helen Wall were inspired to start Dignity Period

· Why misconceptions about menstruation are still common in Ethiopia

· What a few St. Louis-based organizations are doing to combat similar situations closer to home

Educational equality is a widespread issue, but it’s also something where a little support makes a big impact. For every $30 donation we receive, Dignity Period is able to help five girls stay in school by providing menstruation supplies for 18 months. You can make a HUGE difference in five girls’ lives by donating today.


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