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Dignity Period standing by amid escalating fears of civil war in northern Ethiopia

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Long-simmering geopolitical conflicts in Ethiopia have boiled over in the northern region of Tigray, where Dignity Period staff and partners are based, raising the grim prospect of civil war.

This crisis comes as schools were beginning to reopen after months of coronavirus closures. Dignity Period was gearing up to resume our work, relying on school nurses to distribute menstruation supplies and information to girls, so they can focus on their education rather than worrying about their periods.

Now we must wait.

Dignity Period is standing by, ready to resume our programs as soon as we can.

Reliable information about what's happening on the ground in Tigray is hard to come by. Internet and phone services have been shut down. We're tracking news coverage as the the situation unfolds.

Here are some articles that explain the complex origins of this conflict. We are updating this list as news develops:

Our hearts go out to the people of Ethiopia, as we hope for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. We will share updates with you and everyone in the Dignity Period community as we learn more in the coming weeks.


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