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Newly published research demonstrates Dignity Period’s impact: 24% decrease in school absences

Ethiopian students stay in school when educated about menstruation

Dignity Period began when co-founders Lewis and Helen Wall and Mike and Lynn Coatney met Freweini Mebrahtu and learned that girls in Ethiopia were missing school, and eventually dropping out, because they did not have enough information about menstruation, nor the hygienic supplies needed to manage their periods.

Today, Dignity Period is committed to helping girls stay in school by providing the supplies and education they need to manage menstruation properly.

In fact, we’ve been able to reach more than 336,000 students so far, spreading equality and dignity to a new girl every 4 minutes!

But, is all that outreach making a difference?

It sure is! According to our research recently published in The International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics, the Dignity Period Project showed a 24% decrease in school absences among girls compared to boys after the educational intervention and provision of pad kits.

Read the clinical article, Girls’ attendance at school after menstrual hygiene intervention in northern Ethiopia, to learn more about how and when the research was conducted.

Research like this is essential to confirming our efforts are effective. And, they remind us that our work is far from done. So many more students need the education and supplies provided by Dignity Period, now more than ever – in Africa, the U.S., and beyond.

Your donations make this work possible. Please help us give more girls the confidence to be accident free, because periods should end a sentence, not an education. Donate today.


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