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What do girls deserve?

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

“What do girls deserve?”

This is the question posed by Dignity Period’s new video, debuted at our 4th Annual Spring Gala and it’s a question worth thinking about. The answer is easy: girls deserve everything. They deserve to go to school, stay healthy, and make choices about their lives.

Ethiopian girls learning about menstruation from Dignity Period

But while the answer is easy, making this a reality is not. Girls around the world are not given the same opportunities as boys. Girls are often the first to be taken out of school when resources are tight, and their position in many societies is considered secondary.

While in places like the U.S., the position of women is changing rapidly, in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, southeast Asia, or Latin America, women have less power and so the pace of change is slower.

But change is coming. Organizations like Dignity Period are making a difference. We’re working to ensure that at least one of the barriers to opportunity that girls face – periods – is dismantled. All of you are helping to make that possible.

Thank you to everyone who attended the gala, volunteered their time, and donated to support our work. A huge thank you to our emcee, Julie Tristan, and to the Great DuBois, who traveled from New York to entertain us.

Viktoria of The Great DuBois

Our emcee, Julie Tristan.

At this year’s Gala, we raised more than $83,000 to help girls get one of the many things they deserve – an education. These generous contributions, plus grants from Ethiopiaid and others, get us closer to our ambitious goal of bringing pads and menstruation education to a total of 250,000 students by the end of this year in some of the most remote places in Ethiopia.

With your continued support, we won’t let periods keep girls from getting what they deserve.


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