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Women Supporting Women

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

As the mother of two daughters, Denise Pitlyk understands the significance of supporting and celebrating a girl’s transition into womanhood. With each daughter, Denise strived to instill a sense of strength and pride in all aspects of becoming a woman, including menstruation. So when Denise learned from her doctor, Lewis Wall, that millions of girls around the world struggle to live normal lives because of something as natural as their periods, she felt compelled to get involved in order to give girls around the world the same feelings of support and strength that she gave her own daughters.

American women supporting educational equality for ethiopian girls
Denise Pitlyk and daughters

After talking further with Dr. Wall, Dignity Period’s board president, Denise learned that a lack of understanding, conversation, and hygienic support around menstruation in certain areas of the world results in millions of girls missing out on normal daily activities, like school and church, on a regular basis. Lacking basic access to sanitary menstrual hygiene products and even clean underwear, the periods of these young women become unnecessary obstacles that prevent them from living a normal life. Realizing how addressing a few simple needs could impact these girls greatly, Denise jumped into her involvement with Dignity Period. As she said, “There is a lot in this world that is incredibly difficult to change, but this is something that can be fixed.”

Denise, a pharmaceutical representative from Lake Saint Louis, Missouri, who loves yoga, outdoor activities, and spending time with her young grandchildren, also has an MBA and a strong interest in business. She is inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of Freweini Mebrahtu, and impressed by her work to address the lack of sanitary products in Ethiopia through the Mariam Seba Sanitary Products Factory. Speaking of Freweini’s work to empower the girls and women who work for her, Denise says, “This is truly a case of women supporting women!”

ethiopian women working at Mariam Seba sanitary products factory
Photo by Joni Kabana.

In addition to donating her time to Dignity Period, Denise is an active donor who leverages her employer’s corporate match opportunities, urging others to do the same. “My donation was doubled through [the corporate matching] program!” says Denise. “I encourage you to donate and spread the word about Dignity Period. Four dollars can change a life! How many cups of coffee are you willing to give up to change the lives of these girls and women? With your help, this IS a problem that can be fixed!”

Donate now to join Denise in making a difference in the lives of women and girls.


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