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Your Vote is Your Gift!

This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking friends and supporters of Dignity Period to give something that could be worth $100,000 - your vote.

As you may already know, Dignity Period partner, Freweini Mebrahtu, is a CNN Hero of the Year finalist. The Hero of the Year is selected by voters around the world and will be announced Sunday, December 8th at 8pm ET live on CNN.

Freweini was awarded a $10,000 prize for making the Top 10 list, which she donated to Dignity Period to help fund our collaborative work in Ethiopia. She now stands to receive $100,000 if named the CNN Hero of the Year.

As Freweini says, “$5 can change a girl’s life.” Just imagine what $100,000 can do!

Please consider taking one minute today (and again anytime between now and December 3rd) to vote for Freweini for CNN Hero of the Year. It’s a great way to show that you believe girls deserve dignity and an education.

We appreciate your support!

Working hand-in-hand with Freweini, Dignity Period provides menstrual supplies and education to keep girls in school. To date, we’ve reached more than 320,000 students in Ethiopia, St. Louis, MO, and beyond. Learn more about how you can help or donate today to give girls power over their periods.

Would you like to meet Freweini in person? Join us at Dignity Period’s Gala on March 7, 2020.


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