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Fighting Period Poverty in the U.S.

Updated: May 2, 2019

When unmet menstrual hygiene needs among low-income women in St. Louis, Missouri were uncovered, Dignity Period jumped in to help.

Following the release of a research study documenting the challenges that low-income people with periods face in accessing basic sanitary supplies, we partnered with other local companies to use what we’ve learned in Ethiopia to help women in the U.S.

As part of the St. Louis Alliance for Period Supplies, Dignity Period is providing 500 pad kits to women in need throughout the community. Each pad kit includes two reusable menstrual pads and detergent for cleaning. Women receiving the pad kits are educated on good menstrual hygiene and how to properly clean their reusable pads.

The pads distributed in St. Louis are similar in design and function to the pads provided to girls in Ethiopia, except that they’re manufactured locally by Cotton Babies.

With period poverty happening in our own backyard, it’s important to conduct further research to better understand the potential impact these reusable pads may have on the lives of low-income women in the area. If you’re interested in supporting this outreach, please consider making a donation.

Period Poverty Facts

If you’d like to stay updated on the progress of this project, let us know, and we’ll keep in touch.

Watch, listen to, and read the media coverage of this critical research and outreach here.


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