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Menstrual Hygiene Day

For those of us around the world who fight for educational equality by giving girls power over their periods, May 28th is a special day.

Menstrual hygiene day is May 28

Thanks to the team at WASH United, May 28th is internationally recognized as Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) – a day that works to create a world in which every woman and girl is empowered to manage her menstruation safely, hygienically, with confidence and without shame, and without any limitations from something as natural and normal as her period.

Dignity Period is an organization that was born in Ethiopia after our founders learned that menstruation was a leading cause of school dropouts for girls. Because talking about menstruation is taboo in Ethiopia, most girls are fearful and unprepared when they start having periods. These girls often miss school, fall behind in their studies, and eventually drop out.

Working hand-in-hand with partners on the ground in Ethiopia, Mekelle University and Freweini Mebrahtu, Dignity Period has already been able to reach more than 300,000 students with educational materials and supplies to help manage menstruation.

Through the course of our work, we also realized that period poverty was something impacting American women as well. That’s why we’ve started working with partner organizations in our hometown of St. Louis, MO to distribute reusable menstruation supplies throughout communities in need.

MH Day is a great opportunity to shine a light on the limitations menstruation can put on women and girls globally. Fortunately, making a big difference is easy:


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