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Spring Newsletter: The Frontline of Dignity

News and Events from Dignity Period

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down almost overnight. So many things aren’t the way they used to be, but monthly menstruation hasn’t changed, and the girls and women we support in Ethiopia, the U.S., and beyond need us just as much as ever. Fortunately, we have been able to find new, creative ways to help.

Mariam Seba Making Masks

CNN Hero and Dignity Period partner, Freweini Mebrahtu, quickly responded to meet demand for a new need in her home country of Ethiopia: face masks.

Mariam Seba, the factory she owns and manages in Ethiopia, had the right materials and talent to begin producing face masks, alongside reusable sanitary pads, to help keep the population safe from the COVID-19 virus.

The masks are being donated to healthcare workers and the community at large in Ethiopia.

Keeping Workers Safe

Other changes have been made at Mariam Seba to keep the team there safe:

· The factory is operating at 50% capacity to allow proper social distancing

· All employees are still receiving full pay

· All workers with children are able to stay home with full pay while the day care center at the factory is closed

· Masks made by the factory are distributed to employees and their families to keep them safe at work, at home, and in public

Fighting Period Poverty in St. Louis

Dignity Period also supports women in our hometown of St. Louis, MO by providing menstruation supplies to those in need. In response to the extra demand generated by COVID-19, we received community support for the purchase of 5,000 reusable, sustainable pads for the St. Louis community.

The pads are being produced by local organization, Cottonbabies.

Give STL Day

Now is a great time to support Dignity Period’s mission and the Give STL Day event on May 7th is a great opportunity to double your donation.

An anonymous supporter has pledged a $2,500 match for all donations made during Give STL Day. Help us continue supporting women in need during this pandemic by making your donation now.


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