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Raisaa Tashnova

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Raisaa Tashnova
Board Member

Raisaa grew up in Bangladesh, at a time when the developing country was focusing heavily on building social capital (reducing poverty, maternal mortality, illiteracy, etc.). She worked for Grameen Bank (Nobel Prize winning organization introducing concept of micro-credit to alleviate poverty) and Unilever’s sustainability team in her early career before moving to the US where she currently works in Marketing for Amazon.


Raisaa’s background imbued in her a strong sense of ‘Doing Well by Doing Good’, pushing her to seek opportunities where her skills as a marketer can add value to organizations trying to solve social issues.

This pursuit led her to Dignity Period. Raisaa was part of a graduate students team which worked with Dignity Period and Miriam Seba Factory in 2017, consulting on improving manufacturing efficiency and labor pipeline. She was especially impressed by Dignity Period’s holistic method in tackling period poverty, such as educating boys in schools.


​Raisaa holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, Olin Business School. Outside of work, she enjoys swimming, volunteering and cuddling with

her cat.

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